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syntagma sq.

This project is my proposal for the redevelopment of the Constitution Square of Athens as part of the site . The site is a project initiated by Dr Panagiotis Tournikiotis, former Dean of The School of Architecture, for the celebration of the 200 years of Athens as the Capital of Greece.
In Athens, the three existing rivers, Kifissos, Ilissos, and Iridanos, were buried under concrete during the city's postwar car-centred development, with many of its citizens characterizing it as “a crime against the city”.Under the new proposal, the square would undergo a significant water-themed redevelopment that would connect the centre of Athens with the South Coastline via Syngrou Avenue. Visitors would enjoy the tree-surrounded space, the intense shading, the cruises along “The Syngrou River”.


kastalia clinic

If one has to define public space in one liner, it means space for public at large.According to public space book, ‘public zrealm includes all the space accessible to and used by people’ (p.111).So we can say it is a space which is made for people and it is made by people.

The mind-body connection is real. The research for my Master’s Degree in Architectural Design at the NTUA focuses on architectural design's impact on the living conditions of ageing individuals facing autonomy issues. As the architecture of care forms a dialectical relation with several scientific fields, economics, anthropogeography, sociology, and others redefines several bipolar schemes like individual – collective, near–far, inside – outside. My research interest lies in how these redefined schemes form a flexible framework for creating autonomous sustainable habitats for individuals as time passes. 


"As Aldo Rossi highlighted, the cities can be read as an expression of collective will together with social values and are a result of a sequence of political choices. These political choices shape not only the city but also the life of those inhabiting the city."

                    Collin Rowe "Collage City"

art space 

The project “I will be a Museum Store” is the story of branding through the architecture of limited space with grand aspirations through limited colours (white, grey), micro cement, glass and metal. The project's simplicity, location, and defined lines of the interior form a unique project . I worked in all the stages of the
renovation and branding. 


# ΤΟ

# ΓΡΑΦΩ          

The light influences architecture and controls space. In the built environment, shape, colour and light provide aspects of information.

Man has improvised his society by accumulation, adaptations and additions on TOΠΟΣ.

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