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TIMELESS ARCHITECTURE A timeless ethos rules architecture, a holistic approach that structures the principles of age-defiant architecture, celebrating a classic simplicity as it integrates with the surroundings and respects the land and its inhabitants.

HARMONIOUS ARCHITECTURE The ultimate luxury of a sophisticated, harmonious dance of materials, techniques and minimal environmental impact. The white blocks on the Aegean rocks and the light Ionian breeze merge with the Adriatic blue.

SYMBIOTIC ARCHITECTUREThe symbiosis of the architect and the environment leads to the interpretation of topos as he practises the art of hermeneutics. Is it just aesthetics? Eames sees the Greeks as true aestheticians. Does space go through an aesthetic, creative process in the hands and the eye of the architect? Hannes Meyer senses the biological process in building and not the aesthetic one.


ΜΑΝΙΦΕΣΤΟ] as a declaration of aesthetic values and intentions? Or as an expression of the architectural psyche? Why is architecture the embodiment of the organization of “anything”? The architecture of computer networks, the architecture of open source applications, the architectural structure of a diamond, the architecture of nervous systems …

A NO-APHORISMS ARCHITECTURE An ANTI-ΜΑΝΙΦΕΣΤΟ [anti-manifesto] is simply an expression of the need to create a paradigm, a personal manifestation of esoteric needs regarding space, surface, materials, and views. Playing the game of rock, paper, scissors…​
As I get closer to architecture, I lose my ability to express aphorisms. William Katavolos, in his BOMB interview, said: “Mies van der Rohe used to say, ‘We don’t invent a new architecture every Monday morning.’ It takes about 33 years to refine a new thing. It is not a young man’s work.”Architecture expresses dharma, life purpose, and occupational duty …. Not a manifesto! Not now, not yet.
It will take more time ...

HOLISTIC ARCHITECTUREA holistic approach to space that values economies of scale while serving the individual . Does the architect have the ability to interpret the surrounding elements and create a feeling of security? 
Katavolos wonders: “Is Security the Next Aesthetic in Architecture?” Security is not fear. It is simply having access to an environment that you understand entirely. You've lost contact the way things are now: you don’t know how your air conditioner, furnace, computer, or anything else works.” 

HOMOGENOUS ARCHITECTURE Balancing transparency and opacity in the morphology of a homogenous palimpsest as the sun burns the Ionian marbles. Marble, stone, wood: primary materiality of a purist architecture. The importance of scale, light, and surface as elements of an architecture of care. When you need it, the medicine of a balanced, harmonious space comes to your aid. When you are strong and fearless, you deal with space with the arrogance of eternal youth. It is not a post-humanist architecture as a rejection of anthropocentric values. There is no need for a distinction between nature and culture.

RESPONSIVE ARCHITECTURE Satyajit Ray was studying art. He states: “…it was there that I learnt to look at nature, how to respond to nature and how to feel the rhythm of nature ”.He would hand-sketch every scene before filming it. The principles of dharma lead the way in Ray’s film interpretation of space. In the words of Adolf Loos, “…the artist, the architect, first senses the effect that he intents to realize and sees the rooms he wants to create in his mind’s eye.” It is the interpretation of space, reading its internal structure, listening to the voice of the space … 

POLICY-MAKING ARCHITECTURE The urban tissue is calling for an urban edit. The increasingly complex issues the built environment is facing demand a policymaking architecture based on its ability to make/remake, to use/re-use, to think /re-think.

CHLORIS+WATER+STRUCTURES+EMOTIONSA humaine architecture that uses structures to unite environmental elements in creating emotionally compelling places. The human experience  embodied in the architectural structure.






















THE ROMAN EXAMPLE Architecture eternal and constantly changing empowering the eternal city of Rome as yesterday and tomorrow meet in the piazzas , the water elements and the steps of Rome . As the steps lead to water elements the dialogue between the city , its nature and its inhabitants is intense and creative. The transparency of the water, the opacity of the roman stone , the shade of the pinetrees of Rome as they are handled by Palladio , Brunelleschi , Alberti, Bramante , Raphael, Michelangelo create the collage of Renaissance architecture and ancient Greek classicism  .



Roma città eterna



PLEXI (4) - Copy_edited.jpg
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pinus pinea: the pinetress of rome
WATER -elements

pini di roma.png

An ever-changing architecture

Architecture expresses aesthetics in the sense of the classical Greek concept of sense perception (αίσθηση – aesthesis). It interprets the surrounding architectural elements and challenges individuals throughout their lives.  The Roman version of the Hellenic civilisation is more contemporary than ever before: the use of materials, the values and aesthetics, the economy of space, the respect to the locality of architecture, and so much more ... Architecture is in constant dialogue entailing Greek [ topos , apotheosis, agora, dome,... ] and Latin [ column,locus, renovation, fresco,... ]words.

An architecture ever-changing, merging with the cultures it comes across in the  way the Helleno-roman civilisation engaged in a creative dialogue that formed the Renaissance, an anthropocentric architecture willing to discover its experimental nature.


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