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Co-production: Antigoni Rota – Squared Square
                           Foss productions 
                           Christina Tsironi – Mildframe                                                         

Written and Directed by Yorgos Zois

Premiered at the 74th Venice International Film Festival .
Honourable distinction and screening at   «Orizzonti» -  74th Biennale di Venezia

Co-production : Antigoni Rota 
                         Yorgos Zois
                         Antonis Triantafyllou
                         Christina Tsironi
Production companies: Squared Square, Mildframe, Tarro, Arktos
Written and directed by Dimitris Anagnostou

Presentation Spyros Kontakis , Kontaki Design

A short film presentation of the designer Spyros Kontakis
Written and directed by Christina Tsironi
Production: Mildframe 
                     Christina Tsironi


The Drama Therapy Group of Kastalia Clinic has a dialogue through the camera with the actress Evdokia Statiri to support her during her absence due to personal reasons. Takis Basteas, Professor of Aesthetics in Cinema and actress Evdokia Statiri are the organizers of the Drama Therapy Group of the Clinic. Everyday discussions, rehearsals, dramatic reading and psychological support create a parallel experiential reality within the framework of clinical psychotherapy. The vision of psychiatrist Nikolaos Lyberis for psychiatry is realized in the faces of the people hosted in the Clinic. The founders of the Clinic, Nikolaos Lyberis , Ismini Bolovinou-Lymberis and the psychiatrist Galatea Lyberis-Dimakou dedicated their entire lives to the Clinic. They lived and created until their old age.
With respect and gratitude. Christina V. Tsironi


Feelings of detachment and disengagement Island of Mytilene .

University of the Aegean 
Department of Cultural Technology and Communication

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture 
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.
Hellenic Republic


Advertisement for National Television.

Production: Mildframe – Christina Tsironi
Written and directed by Christina Tsironi.

A cup of Coffee 

A glimpse into the life of a Syrian immigrant and his Greek wife.
Written and directed by Christina Tsironi
Production: Mildframe - Christina Tsironi


The Home New Home Project: an Intercultural Action in 5 Countries“The project titled “Home New Home” aims to address the refugee crisis and record it in short documentary films, as well as to highlight the views of citizens from six welcoming countries that serve as temporary homes in the refugees’ way to a better future.

The action is supported by UNHCR.
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Telecommunications and Information Policy.

The Yellow Window

A comment on the Yellow Taxis of Athens and the taxi industry during the coronavirus pandemic by the taxi-driver Nikos Giannopoulos .

Written and directed by Christina Tsironi.
Production: Mildframe 

The coronavirus pandemic seriously affected the taxi industry, a basic element of the Athenian urban life that experienced the health crisis' serious impact . The taxi driver Nikos Giannopoulos talks about taxi life and the view of reality through a car window.


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